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Mota is an established eCommerce, direct to consumer provider of a wide range of CBD products in the United States and Europe.  In the United States, the company sells a CBD hemp-oil formulation derived from hemp grown and formulated in the U.S. through its Nature’s Exclusive brands.  Within Europe, its Sativida brand of award winning 100% organic CBD oils and cosmetics are sold throughout Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.  Mota Ventures is also seeking to acquire additional revenue producing CBD brands and operations in both Europe and North America, with the goal of establishing an international distribution network for CBD products.  Low cost production, coupled with international, direct to customer, sales channels will provide the foundation for the success of Mota Ventures.


Company Overview

Mota Ventures Corp is publicly listed company on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: MOTA) based out of Vancouver British Columbia. Mota’s long term objective is to become a direct to consumer vertically integrated global CBD brand. The company has current sales channels in the US through its Nature's Exclusive CBD brand and in Europe through its Sativida acquisition. European market focus includes Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Long-term, Mota plans to expand each brand further, widening scope of operations while maintaining quality standards globally. Furthermore, Mota also has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Colombia  with a licensed non-psychoactive cannabis (CBD) for value added products. 

Our People

Ryan Dean Hoggan

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hoggan brings more than 18 years of leadership, global business development and entrepreneurship experience in the health equipment, medical devices and natural health products sectors. Early in his career, Ryan took on a leadership role in, HOGGAN Health Industries, where he led operations, business development and marketing efforts. After identifying an untapped niche in the market, he founded Hoggan Medical where he went on to launch over 100 health, fitness and medical device products and negotiated contracts with big and small customers including the Mayo Clinic, Boeing, Daimler AG and the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA). In 2014, Ryan discovered the power of CBD and essential oils - both personally and professionally - after a personal health scare prompted him to research and subsequently try holistic products to improve his health. experience ultimately led him to become a Partner and President Unified Funding, LLC. Through the operations of Unified Funding, LLC, the business generated a database of over 4.5 million customer records and facilitated over $200 million in consumer transactions from more than one million paying customers in sectors such as beauty, nutrition and CBD products. Most notably, Mr. Hoggan has co-founded several natural health products in the CBD sector that generated more than $29m in revenue during the 2019 calendar year. As CEO of Mota, Mr. Hoggan brings his extensive experience to further expand the Company as an eCommerce leader in the natural health products sector. Mr. Hoggan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Westminster College, an MBA from The University of Arizona and a Master of Global Management (MGM) from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

Joel Shacker


Mr. Shacker has worked extensively in the cannabis and finance space over the past six years and sat on the board of directors for the publicly trading cannabis lifestyle company Weekend Unlimited Inc. He has been in charge of leading the expansion into international cannabis markets and has overseen and developed operations from the ground up. He entered the cannabis space by founding a cannabis extraction company which specialized in licensing proprietary formulas to producers. Mr. Shacker holds an Honors Business Administration degree from Ivey Business School specializing in finance and has also served as Chief Operating Officer of CanPac Investment Corp and as an Associate at Stadnyk and Partners.

Szascha Lim

Chief Financial Officer

Szascha holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Accounting and successfully completed the CFE to obtain a CPA designation. Ms. Lim has extensive experience in working with public companies in an accounting capacity. She has worked with companies in cannabis, junior mining and exploration.

Craig Marley

Master Grower

Craig has extensive experience cultivating cannabis for the medical market. He has served as head grower for one of Canada’s first Licensed Producers, Cannafarms. He was the Quality Assurance Officer for Cannafarms, and was responsible for; the design, construction and operations of their large scale cultivation operations, as well as navigating the complicated compliance regulations of Health Canada. He has also developed proprietary genetics of over 100 strains.

Chad Clelland


In 2009, Mr. Clelland purchased Medicalmarijuana.ca which became an information portal for thousands of patients, doctors and growers. Through this company he and his team have helped thousands of Canadians find legal, safe medication. The team has also consulted, designed and submitted dozens of applications to the government under the MMPR, ACMPR and Cannabis Act. In 2011, Mr. Clelland co-founded Greenleaf Medical Clinic. It is now recognized as a training facility by the University of British Columbia and offers preceptorships to physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. He also co-founded Folium Life Science in 2013, an approved Canadian Licensed Producer. His roles in the organization have included Chief Operating Officer, head of security, alternate master grower and alternate responsible person in charge. 

Clifford Starke


Mr. Starke is the Chairman of Hampstead Private Capital, a Bermuda based merchant bank focused on financing and advising small to mid-market, fast growth companies. Over the course of the last five years, Mr. Starke has focused on the cannabis sector and has acted as a founder, early stage shareholder, financier, advisor and director to multiple cannabis companies in sub-sectors ranging from genetics, cultivation, distribution, and e-commerce that have cumulatively generated over $3 billion dollars of market capitalization. Currently, Mr. Starke is the Chief Executive Officer of Franchise Cannabis Corp., a leading European focused pharmaceutical cannabis company with distribution networks across eighteen countries and the current market leader in Germany. Mr. Starke holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queen’s University.

Our Colombian Team

Patricio Villalba

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Villalba has more than 20 years of experience in Latin America in the development and direction of exploration, production, logistics and marketing projects in Oil & Gas and mining industry, especially in Colombia and Mexico. He has developed a wide network of governmental and private organizations to local and international level. Mr. Villalba has an active presence in up-mid and downstream projects with important achievements in the development of integral logistics, achieving economic efficiencies, delivery times and commercialization. He has served as an officer for Oleum Energy, Coal and Energy SAS, Concelular S.A., and has participated on several boards including Stratus Energy Corp, B-Electra SAS Most recently he sat on the board for Blueberries Medical Corp. a public cannabis company with Colombian operations.

Felipe Baptiste

Strategic Advisor

Felipe is one of the most recognized businessmen in Colombia and South America. During his time as CEO of “El Corral”, a Colombian based burger chain, he grew the company to be the most successful restaurant in the country, going from 50 points to 400 nationally. Thanks to his business acumen he is on several boards of directors and is partners in numerous successful businesses. He is currently the CEO of Balivel Group, an international investment firm.

Laureano Von Siegmund

Legal Council

Laureano von Siegmund – Director. Mr. von Siegmund is a lawyer admitted in Venezuela and New York, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in corporate law, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, mining and natural resources. Before starting his private practice in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994, Mr. von Siegmund worked at prominent law firms in New York and Caracas. He has participated in several mining and hydrocarbon projects throughout South America and currently is a board member and/or advisor to several companies. Since 2007, he has centered his practice in Colombia where he advises companies in the oil and gas and mining sectors and more recently in the cannabis sector.

Daniel Arango

Export Minister

Mr. Arango is ex former Vice Minister of Business Development Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Business administrator of the Eafit University, with an emphasis in international trade at the Sup University of Co de Montpellier. He is a specialist in business administration and has an MBA from Eafit University. In addition, he is a graduate of the executive management program of Inalde, from the University of La Sabana. Mr. Arango has served as Director of Mipymes and Director of Competitiveness and Productivity of the Ministry of Commerce. He is currently a business advisor and advisor to the Ministry of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

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